World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day in Plano, TX

2016 saw 13 cases of rabies in the Plano area.

Lancers Square Animal Clinic is passionate about saving the lives of pets. In observance of the Center for Disease Control’s World Rabies Day, we want to make sure our patients have all the facts on how to prevent rabies!

5 Facts You Need to Know About Rabies Prevention

  1. Rabies is 100% preventable.
    Pets need rabies vaccines at regular intervals to prevent rabies. Protect your pets by making sure they attend regular veterinary appointments to keep their rabies vaccines up to date.
  2. Rabies is fatal.
    There is no cure for rabies. If your pet contracts rabies, there is little that can be done to save your pet’s life. Your best defense against rabies is to keep your pets vaccinated.
  3. No rabies vaccine could mean serious consequences.
    In Collins County, it’s the law to carry proof of a current rabies vaccination for your dog or cat. If a pet is found at-large without a current rabies tag, it could result in a fine for the pet owners. If your pet is unvaccinated and bites another person or pet, your pet will be quarantined and may be euthanized – not to mention you may be liable for any injuries or damages. Give yourself gift of peace of mind – keep your pets vaccinated.
  4. Humans can get rabies from animals.
    A pet or wild animal with rabies can pass rabies to humans with a bite or saliva. Take care not to handle any wild animals, animal corpses, or approach any stray or unfamiliar animals. In the event of an animal bite, be sure to wash the bite with soap and water, then seek medical attention immediately.
  5. Rabies is not obsolete.
    You may think of rabies as a controlled disease one rarely has to worry about in modern times, however every year there are cases of rabies in Plano and surrounding areas. Protect your pets, family, and neighbors by making sure your pet is current on his or her rabies vaccine.

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