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Keep your dog healthy and happy with Lancers Square Animal Clinic in Plano

Lancers Square Animal Clinic is your partner in your pup’s care, working hand-in-hand with you to keep your dog happy and healthy. We prioritize preventive care to reduce your dog’s risk of illness, including regular exams, vaccinations, nutritional counseling, and behavioral counseling. Not only do these best ensure a longer, healthier life for your dog, they also help your pup be a great family member.

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Dog Dentists in Plano, TX

Canine Dentistry, Plano

Dental care for dogs plays a vital role in their overall wellness. Did you know that by the age of three, most dogs have gum disease? That’s why the American Animal Hospital Association recommends yearly dental exams and cleanings for your dog. Lancers Square Animal Clinic performs thorough oral exams, dental charting, comprehensive dental cleanings, and more to keep you pup healthy and his or her breath fresh! Regular dental cleanings and home care prevent gum disease and painful damaged teeth. Learn more about canine dentistry at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

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Convenient Veterinary Pharmacy, Plano

Lancers Square Animal Clinic in Plano is invested in providing convenient options for our clients, from scheduling appointments to buying dog food, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick control. We stock these items at our in-house pharmacy for convenient walk-in purchases. We also offer a convenient online store for delivery right to your door. For recurring purchases like dog food and chronic prescription medications, there is no delivery charge. Take advantage of the conveniences Lancers Square Animal Clinic (LSAC) offers for you and your dog. Learn more about the LSAC pharmacy & pet store

Online Pharmacy and Pet Store in Plano
Love My Pet Plans at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

Love My Pet Plans for Dogs

We asked ourselves, how can we provide preventive care for your dog in a way that ensures best care but is budget-friendly? Love My Pet Plans were the answer. We designed these plans ourselves to make sure they include all the items we recommend for year-to-year preventive care with enough veterinary visits so you can drop in whenever you have a question or see a problem with your pup. Make easy-to-manage monthly payments for your dog’s veterinary care.Learn more about Love My Pet Plans at LSAC

Canine Laser Therapy in Plano

Take a new approach to your pet’s pain management or surgical recovery with laser therapy. Laser therapy soothes soft-tissue injuries and arthritis and speeds healing after surgery. The benefits of laser therapy are seen almost immediately. Talk to our veterinarians to see if laser therapy may help your dog’s pain or healing. We’ve seen great outcomes with laser therapy.Learn more about canine laser therapy at your Plano vet

Laser Therapy for Dogs in Plano, TX
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Veterinary Surgery at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

Veterinary Surgery

Trust Lancers Square Animal Clinic for your dog’s surgical needs. Our veterinarians routinely perform general surgeries, including spays, neuters, intestinal surgeries, tumor removals, and more under carefully-monitored anesthesia. Our team is both skilled and compassionate, able to offer your dog best surgical care in a calm, nurturing manner. Additionally, we offer surgical repair of canine cruciate ligament ruptures so you needn’t travel to a surgical specialist if you choose not to.

Heartworm and Parasite Prevention for Dogs

Year-round heartworm and parasite prevention is crucial to protect your dog against potentially fatal parasites in Plano. Heartworm disease is serious business, but easily avoided. Pick up your dog’s heartworm prevention at Lancers Square Animal Clinic or order it from our online pharmacy for home delivery–any way that best ensures your dog receives protection from heartworm and intestinal parasites every month, year round.

Heartworm Prevention at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
Microchips for Plano Dogs

Microchipping Your Dog

We have all watched the tragedy of people separated from their beloved pets during natural disasters and see the constant social media posts about lost dogs or a dog seen wandering the neighborhood. Even when a dog is picked up by a caring person intent on reuniting him or her with his family, making the match can be challenging. Microchipping your dog is the best way to identify your dog. Microchips implanted just under the skin carry a unique number that matches you to your dog, identified with a simple scan. Protect your dog with microchipping.

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On-Site Veterinary Laboratory, Plano

When your dog is ill, moments count. What’s causing your dog’s vomiting? Why isn’t you pup playing as usual? Is your dog developing kidney disease with old age? Lancers Square Animal Clinic gets to these answers as quickly as possible with our in-house laboratory. When more advanced testing is needed, we can still get answers within just a few days. Our advanced equipment is one more reason to select Lancers Square Animal Clinic as your Plano veterinarian.

Advanced Diagnostics at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
Veterinary X-Rays at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

Veterinary Radiology (X-Rays) for Dogs

Whether you’re testing your dog for hip dysplasia or we need to see if he ate something he shouldn’t, Lancers Square Animal Clinic proudly offers state-of-the-art technology such as digital x-rays. High-quality digital x-rays give our veterinarians a look at bones and other internal structures to diagnose problems and administer the best treatment.

Canine Nutritional Counseling

Help your dog maintain a healthy weight and manage chronic illnesses with nutritional counseling. What is the best dog food? Lancers Square Animal Clinic veterinarians guide you to the food that is a best fit for your dog’s age, health, breed, and weight. We take into account how diet can help battle chronic disease affecting your pup. Should your dog require a specialized diet for a condition, we offer prescription pet foods with easy pickup at our clinic or home delivery through our online pharmacy.

Nutritional Counseling at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
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Pain Management for Dogs in Plano, TX

Pain Management for Dogs

If your dog experiences chronic pain from injuries, arthritis, or chronic conditions – we can help! Decreased appetite, moving less, being slow to rise, and refusing to jump are all signs of discomfort and outright pain. We offer options for canine pain management from medication to laser therapy. Schedule a consultation today so we can help make sure no stone has gone unturned to minimize your dog’s pain.

Dog Hospice & Humane Euthanasia

We are here to support you through end-of-life care as well as the difficult process of saying goodbye to a beloved family dog. There are an ever-increasing number of options to help manage elderly dogs, or those with advanced illness, at home for an extended period of time. They include everything from dietary changes to physical aids to medication. When your dog’s quality of life has deteriorated, rely on us to help you through this transition with compassion and empathy.

Dog Hospice & Euthanasia in Plano, TX

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