Dental Care for Dogs & Cats in Plano

Do you know how often your dog or cat’s teeth should be cleaned? Some pet owners don’t realize dogs and cats need their teeth cleaned (at least) once per year. However, dental care for pets goes beyond annual trips to the vet for cleanings. Home brushing is crucial to keeping your pet’s teeth and fresh and healthy.

What are the benefits of having my pet’s teeth cleaned?

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean has benefits beyond fresh breath and a bright smile.

  • Regular dental cleanings prevent gum disease
  • Dental exams detect painful broken or rotten teeth
  • Untreated dental infections can lead to bacterial infections
Not sure when your pet had his or her last dental cleaning?
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What happens at a dental cleaning?

Here is what you can expect when your dog or cat has his or her teeth cleaned at Lancers Square Animal Clinic:


The only way to safely and thoroughly perform a dental procedure for dogs or cats is under IV or inhaled anesthesia. The anesthesia allows veterinarians total access to your pet’s mouth without causing your pet any pain or anxiety.

Dental Examination

Once your pet is anesthetized, your pet’s veterinarian will take an in-depth look at your pet’s mouth for signs of damaged teeth, gum disease, or mouth tumors. If any signs of illness or injury is detected, your pet’s veterinarian will determine a plan to treat the offending teeth or gums.


Any stubborn plaque attached to your cat or dog’s teeth is removed by ultrasonic cleaners for an extra clean smile!


A low-speed polisher loosens and removes bacterial adhesions from your pet’s teeth giving the teeth a smooth, even surface.

Treatment of Infection

If your pet does have a dental infection, he or she will be treated with antibiotics.


Some pet’s teeth will require sealant treatments to prevent further cavities or breakage.

Pain Management

Pets may be sore after tooth extractions or other dental procedures. Pets who undergo uncomfortable dental procedures will be sent home with pain medication to ease any discomfort.

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