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Keeping your pet healthy and happy

Lancers Square Animal Clinic is dedicated to your pet’s wellness! Preventive care is the key to keeping pets happy and healthy. We provide routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and preventive care to help your pets life longer, healthier lives.

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Cat Dentistry & Dog Dentistry in Plano, TX


Dental care for cats and dogs plays a vital role in your pet’s overall wellness. By the age of three, most cats and dogs have gum disease. Lancers Square Animal Clinic performs dental cleanings, dental exams, and other procedures under anesthesia to keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy! Regular dental cleanings and home care prevent gum disease and painful damaged teeth. Learn more about dentistry at LSAC

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In-House & Online Pharmacy

Give your pets the best with our selection of premium pet foods and trusted medication with our in-house pharmacy. You may also opt to have your pet’s food or prescriptions shipped straight to your door with our convenient online pharmacy. Learn more about the LSAC pharmacy & pet store

Online Pharmacy and Pet Store in Plano

Laser Therapy

Take a new approach to your pet’s pain management with laser therapy. Laser therapy soothes soft-tissue injuries and arthritis and speeds up healing after surgery. The benefits of laser therapy are seen almost immediately. Learn more about laser therapy at LSAC

Laser Therapy for Cats & Dogs at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
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Veterinary Surgery at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

Veterinary Surgery

You can trust Lancers Square Animal Clinic for your pet’s surgical needs. Our veterinarians routinely perform general surgeries under carefully-monitored anesthesia. Dr. Lee Reeves preforms surgical repairs of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries to the knee.

Heartworm/Parasite Prevention

Year-round heartworm and parasite prevention is crucial for protecting dogs and cats against potentially fatal parasites. Pick up your pet’s heartworm prevention at Lancers Square Animal Clinic or order heartworm prevention from our online pharmacy. Flea and tick control products are also available. Chronic medications and scheduled food orders can be shipped to your door with no delivery fees.

Heartworm Prevention at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
Microchip Your Cat or Dog in Plano, TX


Protect your pets by having them microchipped! If you pet is ever lost or stolen, a microchip helps you and your pet to be reunited with a simple scan. Advance planning is critical.

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On-Site Laboratory

When your pet is ill, moments count. Our on-site laboratory gives you answers to your pet’s health questions quickly.

Advanced Diagnostics at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
Veterinary X-Rays at Lancers Square Animal Clinic


Lancers Square Animal Clinic has state-of-the-art technology such as digital x-rays to give our veterinarians a look at your pet’s bones and other internal structures to administer the best treatment.

Nutritional Counseling

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight and manage chronic illnesses with a nutritional counseling session with one of our veterinarians at Lancers Square Animal Clinic. Purchase prescription pet foods to manage weight or specific disorders from our clinic or online pharmacy.

Nutritional Counseling at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
Is your cat overweight? Is your dog underweight? Get your pet’s weight and nutritional habits under control with a nutritional consultation at Lancers Square Animal Clinic!
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Pain Management for Dogs & Cats in Plano, TX

Pain Management

If your pet experiences chronic pain from injuries, arthritis, or aging – we can help! We offer options for your pet’s pain management including medications and laser therapy.

Hospice & Humane Euthanasia

We are here to support you through the difficult process of saying goodbye to a beloved family pet. Whether you choose home hospice care or humane euthanasia, our staff will support you throughout your family’s transition.

Pet Hospice & Humane Euthanasia for Pets in Plano

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