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Lancers Square Animal Clinic is sometimes able to offer a discount or special offer on products or services. When available, they will be listed on this page. Read on to learn about the services Lancers Square Animal Clinic of Plano, TX has to offer you and your pet. We are conveniently located at the intersection of Parker and Independence.

Lancers Square Animal Clinic has served the Plano community since 1978. We are a full-service animal clinic. Dogs, cats, and other small mammals are welcome. Please call us at 972-596-3413 to schedule your appointment.

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Cat Dentistry & Dog Dentistry in Plano, TX


Sadly, dental care for cats and dogs is often neglected, out of sight, out of mind. By the age of three, most cats and dogs have experienced some form of gum disease. Lancers Square Animal Clinic performs dental cleanings, exams, and other procedures under anesthesia to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy! Regular dental cleanings and home care prevent gum disease and painful damaged teeth. Learn more about dentistry at LSAC


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In-House & Online Pharmacy

Give your pets the best with our selection of premium pet foods and medication with our in-house pharmacy. You may also opt to have your pet’s food or prescriptions shipped straight to your door with our convenient online pharmacy. Learn more about the LSAC pharmacy & pet store

Online Pharmacy and Pet Store in Plano

Laser Therapy

Take a new approach to your pet’s pain management with laser therapy. Laser therapy soothes soft-tissue injuries, arthritis, and speeds up healing after surgery. The benefits of laser therapy are seen almost immediately. Learn more about laser therapy at LSAC

Laser Therapy for Cats & Dogs at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
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Veterinary Surgery at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

Veterinary Surgery

You can trust Lancers Square Animal Clinic for your pet’s surgical needs. Our veterinarians routinely perform general surgeries under carefully-monitored anesthesia. Dr. Lee Reeves also offers surgical repairs of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) ruptures.

Heartworm/Parasite Prevention

Year-round heartworm and parasite prevention is crucial for protecting dogs and cats against potentially fatal parasites. Pick up your pet’s heartworm prevention at Lancers Square Animal Clinic or order from our online pharmacy.

Heartworm Prevention at Lancers Square Animal Clinic

Nutritional Counseling

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight and manage chronic illnesses with a nutritional counseling session with a veterinarian at Lancers Square Animal Clinic. You can also purchase prescription pet foods that help manage weight from our clinic or online pharmacy.

Nutritional Counseling at Lancers Square Animal Clinic
Is your cat overweight? Is your dog underweight? Get your pet’s weight and nutritional habits under control with a nutritional consultation at Lancers Square Animal Clinic!
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Pain Management for Dogs & Cats in Plano, TX

Pain Management

If your pet experiences chronic pain from injuries, arthritis, or aging – we can help! We offer options for your pet’s pain management including medications, supplements, and laser therapy.

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