Dr. Reeves: How the Plano community has changed since ’78

Lancers Square Animal Clinic and the Growing Plano Community

In 1978, Plano had just exceeded a population of 65,000, a number that would grow to more than 285,000 over the next 40 years. In January of 1978 when Lancers Square Animal Clinic opened its doors, Dr. Reeves saw a couple of patients on day one, a number that would soon grow to thousands of patients over the next four decades.

Lancers Square Animal Clinic founder Dr. Lee Reeves watched his clientele grow from a crowd of young adults bringing in their first pets to a more mature demographic bringing in their third or fourth pet – then he watched the cycle start again as some of his clients’ children began bringing their own pets to his practice.

“Some younger people are now moving back into some of the older homes and we’re seeing more cultural diversity than was here 40 years ago,” Dr. Reeves said.

The neighborhood has matured, he said, but it’s always been very active and vibrant. Lancers Square Animal Clinic helped to shape that active lifestyle through community outreach and volunteerism.

And while Dr. Reeves watched the community grow and change, he also became an integral part of it. “We were all young, we were all growing, we were all helping to create this incredible community,” he said. “Just getting to know so many people from so many walks of life throughout the entire community as we grew – in our families, in our professions – and helping to create this amazing community just was really one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences of my life.”

Lancers Square Animal Clinic has been proud to be part of the Plano community since 1978. Our veterinarians, Dr. Lee Reeves, Dr. Katherine Fennell, and Dr. Anne Fraser, and our entire staff look forward to your visits for the next 40!